Fake iCloud Login Prompt on iOS 8 Mail: How to Be Protected [Instruction]

The report about possible iOS 8 Mail bug that is phishing for iPhone user’s iCloud passwords and names using fake iCloud email prompts makes people suspicious about any prompts they get now. Is there a way how to identify the fake message? You can follow the guide below and learn how the bug works and looks like.

The bug is new. Researchers who have found it say that its can mask iCloud prompts in Mail pop-ups and create the login requests that look similar to the real iCloud ones. If you use fake iCloud login prompt and provide your personal information (it is possible to bypass iCloud lock), someone might steal it from you and get access to your account.

Fake iCloud Sign In Prompt Identification [How to]

Step 1. Real iCloud prompt also shows the username as grayed out. If you get the request where this name is blank you should stay suspicious and avoid entering your personal data.

Step 2. If you get the prompt to enter iCloud username and password in Mail’s body portion of email, it is the fake request. Avoid it.

Step 3. Fake prompts show keyboard only after you click inside the field. The real iCloud prompts automatically show the keyboard.

Step 4. iCloud real prompts are always modal. What does it mean? Well, you are not able to do anything unless you select Cancel or OK button (here is how to protect iCloud password attacks). Avoid providing the information if the prompt is not modal and allows you doing something else in the email body (for example, if you click on your Home button you’ll be taken to your Home screen – this is what fake prompts allow doing).

Step 5. Keep in mind all the steps described above. You can also use two-step verification to protect your iCloud information from such iOS 8 Mail bugs and possible attacks.

The guide above can help you to prevent phishing attacks on your iCloud account.

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