How to Fix Boot Loop iPhone iOS 9 Problem After Jailbreak

Why do users jailbreak their iOS 9 iPhone and iPad? There are multiple reasons for untether jailbreaking Apple iDevice and users are not afraid of possible bootloops afterwards. Luckily you can fix boot loop iPhone problem and continue using the jailbroken gadget. Here is a guide on how to fix the issues if you come across bootloops after iOS 9 jailbreak.

Let’s remind some facts. iOS 9 was officially presented in September. The only team that found the jailbreak is Pangu. Their tool can successfully jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 gadgets however it doesn’t support iOS 9.1 firmware version. A lot of users experience problems with jailbreaking and iOS 9 boot loop fix is the response to some issues you might have.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Boot Loop Fix iPhone

The randon bootloop is also called boot loop of death. You can try to solve it and if this doesn’t work you’ll most likely have to either uninstall the jailbreak and re-jailbreak again or restore to iOS 9.1 which is non-jailbreakable at the moment.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Bootloop Fix for iPhone

The bootloop can occur on any iDevice. The unclean reboots could cause the issue as some experts think. Try to avoid unclean shutdowns and this way you might bypass the possibility of boot loops.

You should turn off the jailbroken iPhone and iPad by sliding to ‘power off’ and not using other options. If you choose a different shutdown method it won’t unmount HFSJ+ file system on your iDevice the correct way and this could easily lead to bootloop.

There is another clean shutdown tool you can use. Some jailbreak tweaks you install from Cydia store get the Cydia reboot button. Use it if you need to shutdown and you’ll avoid bootloops.

iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone / iPad users are not advised to turn off / reboot by clicking on Power + Home buttons. If you use this method and get the boot loop of death you’ll be stuck and have to restore to iOS 9.1 losing the jailbreak state.