How To Fix iMessage Activation and Sending Problems in iOS 6

Finally there are some tips and tricks to fix iMessage in iOS 6 most common problems. Very often people complain that they got Not Delivered error after sending a message, other error is with iMessage waiting for activation. So use my guide to fix it.

Most users of iDevices incredibly strong value stability of iOS and almost none of them is going to suffer numerous bugs. Unfortunately, over the past few months, popular iMessage not working problems in iOS 6 led to a loss of messages, and the incorrect information on their status. And we have already wrote about this before.

iOS 6 iMessage fix

But apparently Apple has failed to draw the necessary conclusions and recently many users of iPhone running iOS 6 once again faced with another problem when trying to send iMessage message. It often says Not Delivered.

So lets try to fix this problem.

How To Fix iMessage Not Delivered Problem

Note: before we start make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

iOS 6 iMessage not delivered

Step 1: Check if your iMessage app is turned on:

Settings => Messages => iMessage

If it is turned on then turn it on and turn it off more then one time.

Step 2: Make sure that your Apple ID or iPhone number is correct. To check it just go to:

Settings => Messages => Send & Receive

Step 3: Try to restart your iPhone. Hold Power Button and Home button at the same time till black screen then release both buttons. Or just turned it off using Slide to Power Off and then turn it on holding Power button.

Step 4: In case everything above didn’t help you could try to change you DNS settings. The problem can be not in iMessage but in WiFi connection. A day ago I wrote you post how to fix iOS 6 WiFi problems and you can use that method too to fix iMessage errors.

How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

Browsing the net I visited many forums and read different threads about this problem with iMessage. There are many of those who encountered with this issue and me too. But some I got that helped me so I was sure that this iPhone tips would help you too.

iOS 6 iMessage fix waiting for activation

Step 1: The most popular advice (that helped many users according to their reports) is to Reset Network Settings. To perform it just go to:

Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings

If this didn’t help then move on.

Step 2: Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet and verify if you using active Apple ID in:

 Settings => Messages => Send & Receive

If you don’t have Apple ID then create it.

Step 2: Check if your date, time and time zone are set correctly and match to each other.

Step 3: Check if your email is verified in Settings => Messages => Receive At then turn iMessage Off and On.

Step 4: If you do all steps above and this doesn’t help you then try to repeat them after 24 hours.

iOS 6 imessage activation

Thanks to r98266 at MacRumors forum.

At the moment Apple does not comment on the incident. But I hope that soon, maybe in iOS 6.1 Cupertino company gives iOS 6 iMessage fix and you will never encountered with Not Delivered or Waiting for activation errors.

If there are some question regarding these iMessage fixes let me know using comment section below and I’ll be glad to help you.