Fix iOS 7 Message Bug with MessagePopper Jailbreak Tweak

I am tired to being taken to my last conversation on iOS 7 which I viewed when opening my Messages program on the iPhone the last time. This happens each time unless a new message arrives [in this situation you will see your conversation list]. The new Cydia tweak can finally fix this problem. I am talking about MessagePopper which supports iOS 7 and jailbroken smartphones.

I advise you to download this jailbreak tweak if you are tired to being led to the last conversation too often. You can jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n exploit. It’s not hard. It took me a couple of minutes to run this software and become jailbroken. No problems since then.
Tweaks are must-have to jailbroken users. Even famous hackers have them. Install MessagePopper Cydia tweak and solve the problem with Messages once and forever. It won’t matter whether you received a new message or not. Each time you launch this application you will see your conversation list which is very handy. The program is simple with no configurations.
Just install it and run. The tweak is completely free to get. Use BigBoss repo to find it. Enjoy!