Fix to iOS 8 WiFi Problem Available with WiFried Tweak

Do you have problems with WiFi performance on your iOS 8 smartphone or tablet device? This might not be such a common problem, but it exists and a lot of people suffer from it on iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 firmware. Everything can be solves as there is fix to iOS 8 WiFi problem which currently can be used on jailbroken iDevices only.

Just as it was promised, iOS developers launched WiFried jailbreak tweak that is designed to fight with WiFi performance bugs on Apple devices. You might wonder how to fix WiFi issues on iOS 8 platform. Since the application can be downloaded on Cydia for free, anyone who is jailbroken can get it and finally get a good and strong connection that won’t drop intermittently. The speeds might not be superior fast but they will also not be too slow as it used to be for some Americans who haven’t installed iOS 8.1.1 because they want to keep their jailbroken status.

Apple’s new firmware iOS 8.1.1 solves WiFi issues for customers who are not jailbroken and can’t jailbreak at the moment because of the lack of such a jailbreaking tool. Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak works on firmware beginning with iOS 8 and ending with iOS 8.1, and this is where you can get WiFi issues and thus might like to get WiFried tweak to fix the bug.

Once you fix iOS 8 WiFi problem on the iPhone you will enjoy this type of connection. This program is meant to boost your Wi-Fi performace by adding an option that makes it possible to turn off AWDL through Control Center which is not available on non-jailbroken gadgets.