Fix iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Some users who are trying to install the most recent version of Apple mobile firmare report the iOS 9 stuck installing issue that keeps saying ‘Update Requested’ and doesn’t want to complete the installation procedure. Is there a way how to fight with this bug and get this firmware running on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

You know that the first week of the official iOS 9 upgrade is always with troubles because of millions of Apple fans who are trying to upload the software right away. This causes overloads for Apple servers and shows different errors and issues which make the updating complicated for a number of iPhone and iPad owners.

iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested Fix

Yes, one of the issues caused by slow download speeds is ‘Update Requested…’ message. It happened a year ago and it happens in the fall 2015. In case you see this text you will have to wait a bit since the iOS 9 download should start automatically in a while.

How to fix iOS 9 stuck on waiting? Unfortunately you can’t do much about Apple’s download speeds and have to wait until everything gets back to normal and you’ll be able to get the newest firmware release. It could take 2-3 days for things to become normal again however you can wait for iPhone 6s official launch date and get the new phone with iOS 9 already pre-installed on it.

In case you wish to install iOS 9 right away you might want to restart your iDevice after the ‘Update Requested’ message appears. This could help the download to start. If this doesn’t help you can upgrade through iTunes or use direct download links Apple offers [the ipsw file can be also installed through iTunes but manually].

There are a couple of methods how to download and install iOS 9 and you might want to try them all in case something doesn’t work.