Fix to iTunes Error 1611 for Apple Devices

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can sometimes get error 1611 on iTunes especially now, when many iUsers updating thier phones to iOS 7 beta. What does it indicate? How can you quickly solve this problem? When does it occur?

I am sure that everyone who saw this error wants to know answers to the questions above. If you are looking to fix 1600 error you can follow the link to get it work. But at this moment there are iPhone users who complain on 1611 error while they trying to update their devices to iOS 7 beta 2.

About Error 1611

iTunes always alerts users when something is wrong with their device. There are a lot of errors you can get while you are using Apple smartphones and tablets. iTunes 1611 code is one of the problems you might have.

iTunes Error 1611 Fix

This issue troubles iOS customers during iPhone restoring or updating as well as iPad and iPod touch. It means that the process you are trying to complete interferes with security software. Sometimes it can be the problem with your hardware. So if you can’t resolve the issue by following our step-by-step guide and it repeats on a different computer, you should contact Apple to find out what’s wrong with your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad.

I’ll describe the situation when you might face this problem. You wish to restore an iPad, iPhone 4 / 3GS or iPod touch 4G / 3G using iTunes and the error pops up assuring your iDevice can’t be restored.

The restore process fails.

How to Fix iTunes 1611 Error

Here is what you should try in order to solve this unpleasant issue.

Step 1. Connect your computer to Internet network. If the connection is proper but you still see the error 1611 message you should check if there are no viruses on iPhone or PC. Run virus scan for Trojans and other dangerous files as they can cause the problem. As fo iPhone you can use antivirus apps to clean your device.If your machine is virus-free, continue to the next step below.

Step 2. It is necessary to update your service pack and drivers for Windows OS. Sometimes outdated programs can lead to 1611 error on iTunes. If you system is updated to the latest drivers and service pack and the problem hasn’t gone, continue with our guide.

Step 3. Are you using the latest version of iTunes? Update to the most recent one in case you don’t. You can also try to uninstall it [you should also delete “itunes music” and “apple computer” folders] and install it back on your computer. Does iTunes error 1611 still occur?

Step 4. Maybe there is a problem on your Windows PC. Try to find all the errors in your Windows registry. You can run a registry cleaning tool and see if it helps to properly open iTunes afterwards.

Step 5. There is another way on how to repair this error. Make sure your have correctly configured proxy. For example, the issue can be caused by FoxyProxy and other security programs. Once again, update them or configure the right way and you’ll do fine.

Step 6. Clean hosts files on your Windows computer after using TinyUmbrella or other hacks. Follow this link to find out how to clean hosts files and enjoy iOS 7 beta on your device.

Hopefully, our instruction helped you to fix iTunes error 1611 for Apple devices.