How to Fix TaiG Jailbreak Stuck at 40%, 30% on iOS 8.4 [Instruction]

A lot of users like to use jailbreak tools to untether their iPhone and iPad and get more features and options than Apple can provide. Still the process of getting Cydia store with tweaks and apps isn’t always smooth. Some people experience TaiG jailbreak stuck at 40% and 30% issue which can surely be fixed [here is how to fix TaiG stuck at 60% problem].

TaiG is one of the programs available for jailbreaking iOS 8.4 and earlier platform. It’s true that iOS 8.4 jailbreak gets stuck at different stages ever since it was released a couple of weeks ago. Most of the problems have already been solved by developers and they offer a new fix to TaiG jailbreak stuck at 30 – 40 percent bug.

How to Fix Jailbreak iOS 8.4 Stuck at 30-40 Issue

If you couldn’t complete the jailbreak because you got stuck at 30% and 40% you should download the most recent TaiG version 2.4.2 and this is the beta which is launched to address this particular bug. The program will install Cydia 1.1.23 on your iDevice along with all the new features and opportunities brought with this update.

Saurik who has created Cydia store finally made this a mobile program which can be customized and allows downgrading iOS 8.4 packages to previous versions. This was never available before thus jailbreaking now is even more fun than it used to be.

While the Chinese group of hackers managed to solve its ‘popular’ bug when TaiG untether utility got stuck during the jailbreak at 30% and 40% it still has to fix other problems with this tool. For example, a lot of Apple users are still getting another issue. They get stuck at 20% during the untether procedure and for now there is only one method of fixing it. You should downgrade your iTunes desktop program to version 12.0.1 in order to solve this issue.

Have you had any problems while using the jailbreak programs TaiG and PP recently?