ZonD80 Lets Get Free In-App Purchases On Not Jailbroken iDevices

There is a new way to find free in-app purchases with no jailbreak and this possibility was given by Russian hacker ZonD80 who launched Russian proxy server to make it functioning.

Russian hackers have once again proved that they can easily find common language with any version of iOS: the network was reported that the developer has published a new method to make in-app purchases under the program through the iOS-application completely for free.

The so-called in-app proxy method does not require jailbreaking and can be easily performed even by a novice with three simple steps. Furthermore, this provides a loophole to buy any content through the program (in-app) for free. The system is also working on on iOS devices running iOS 3.0 to iOS 6.0. So you can do free in-app purchases with no jailbreak every time you want (of course is server are functioning and isn’t overloaded.

Developed a way to break Apple in-app purchases, the Russian expert, who is disguised under the name ZonD80, demonstrated in the online video his method. ZonD80 also launched a work site In-AppStore.com, where he asks for a donation to the project to develop and support servers.

There is needed to do three steps necessary to implement this iPhone hack, which include the installation of CA-certificates and change entries in the DNS-settings, Wi-Fi. Following this process, users will show a message every time when they make purchases under the program.

Note that the presented method does not allow to set the content of all existing programs that support this method of purchase, some users claim that the method does not work when purchasing data in certain regions. Apple’s soon to close this loophole, as it can drastically hurt the hundreds of developers.

Even ZonD80 asks do not use free in-app purchases with no jailbreak method in App Store. He claims that his proxy server was made to assist developers to learn how better to protect their apps and for Apple to improve their protocols.

The detailed tutorial guide on how to connect to proxy server to get free in-app purchases with no jailbreak is on the road. So stay tuned with us and you will be the first can use this method.

Update: Now you can install Russian in-app proxy server and enjoy free purchases.

Update2: Considering many talks about in-appstore.com you may think that it is illegal and obscenely but I offer you to read ZonD80 interview and make your own conclusions.