How To Open Links In Google Chrome iPhone App Using Javascript Code

I have some good news for all who are using Google Chrome on iPhone, now you can open links in your favored browser and without jailbreak! Just follow the tutorial guide below and you will find out how to do that.

We all know that Safari is a default browser in iOS and there hasn’t been a way to change it till today. Yesterday I showed you how to make Google Chrome default browser on iPhone. But you need to jailbreak your device first to get Cydia and install BrowserChooser tweak to do that.

google chrome for iphone open links

However there is a guy who found the way to do almost the same but for non-jailbroken iPhone users. Now you can easily open urls in Chrome app. His name is Jon Abrams and he wrote Javascript code to make it possible. Just follow this tutorial guide below to perform it quickly.

How to Open Urls in Google Chrome iPhone App

Step 1. Copy Javascript code below to your iPhone clipboard because we will need that in the steps below.

Here is a code:


Step 2. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and open any webpage in it.

Step 3. Tap the action button which is in the middle of the Safari browser and save the page as a bookmark.

Step 4. Now you need to name it. So give this bookmark the name: Open Chrome.

Step 5. Now just select the bookmark page in Safari and click Edit.

Step 6. Delete the url string from the field of this saved bookmark and paste the script your have saved in the Step 1:


Step 7. Now just save it. After that if the link will be opened in Safari, just click bookmarks and choose Open Chrome.

Thanks to the Javascript code you can open links in Google Chrome app on iPhone. I hope that solution from Abrams helped you a lot. Now you can open any url in Chrome browser for iPhone without any restrictions.

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