Google Chrome Problems On MacBook Air. Latest News and Fix!

Have Google Chrome problems on MacBook Air? Find out about the reason of this issue and how to solved it. Here is a short view on causes of this bug and possible solutions.

After release of Chrome for iOS a lot of complaints came from MacBook Air users. Many of them got “brake” in their notebooks. Moreover, problems began to arise after installing the browser from Google.

Developer of the browser did not refusing the undertaking of the problem and confirmed that the absorption of excessive system resources is the place to be.

He said that they had found a resource leak graphics in the Chrome browser, associated with the rendering plug-ins on Mac OS X. So they began to work on it.

Developers found out that diversion of resources causes a “kernel panic on the Mac”, equipped with Intel HD graphics chip 4000, like on MacBook Air. Also there is a quote regarding fixing the problem:

At the time, as the main cause of leakage is detected, we have temporarily disabled some functions of GPU-acceleration in Chrome via the automatic update release, which was released this afternoon (Thursday, June 28). We expect further correction in the coming days, which again include many or all functions of the browser on this equipment.

As you can see, the problem occurs only on devices equipped with video chip Intel HD 4000, from users of other devices have not received complaints on Google Chrome problems on Mac. Hopefully, Google does update your browser as soon as I do not recommend that owners of laptops equipped with the aforementioned chip, use the browser Chrome.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to delete Chrome and wait for the fix from developers. I’m sure that it won’t take long and we will hear Google respond very soon.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and news regarding Chrome problems on MacBook Air and solution from Google.

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