Gorgeous iPhone 5 Concept Design Renderings

We’ve got some more iPhone 5 concept design pictures rendered by fabulous 3D art designer. There still are lots of iPhone 5 rumors and today we’ve got images of the new Apple’s phone in white with expected external hardware changes. Those look so realistic that one can confuse them with real device’s pictures. But unfortunately they aren’t.


The designer behind those renderings – Martin Hayjek tried to build the device’s appearance to look very closely to last rumors and speculations about it. Those are leaked parts, schematics and all the things we were able to hear and see  about Apple’s latest concept for the recent time.

Photos unveil bigger 4-inch display, slimmer design, FaceTime camera moved to the center at the top of the front panel and two-toned white/grey back panel which looks really sexy.  There are also smaller charger port and relocated jack hole on the bottom of the device.

Actually, no one can guarantee that this design is even 30% close to what Apple will release in fall 2012. The company is stealthy as always and would sit quietly just until very device’s release.

Those leaked iPhone 5 parts can tell us many interesting things about the new handset design as well. Those details appeared on the net about a month ago and made much noise about the hardware that will be reportedly changed in the upcoming version. The parts that are earphone jack/ear speaker/WI-FI cable for iPhone 5 concept and it really looks strongly redesigned. If the details are original then there are a couple of question about device’s usability.


Take a look at the smaller iPhone 5 concept design dock connector (the picture above). It leaves more space for the new speakers. That means they can be a little louder  or even deliver a little more bass. But on the other hand if I have iPhone 5 and other Apple’s device, iPad for instance, would it mean that I’ll need to carry two different cables to connect my devices to computer or wall charger. Won’t that be disturbing? Or maybe Apple plans to bring such connectors to all of the upcoming gadgets?

What do you think of this? Do you think those iPhone 5 concept pictures have much common with reality? We will be glad to discuss it with you in the comment section below.