iPhone 5 Design Was Developed By Steve Jobs

While all of you are waiting for iPhone 5 release date I tell you some interesting information about creation of iPhone 5 design. You may know that Steve Jobs took part in everything concerning Apple before he died. And it is normal because he was Apple CEO. But do you know that Steve Jobs worked on iPhone 5 design?

Yes, Steve Jobs really thought that the new generation of iPhone had to be different from its predecessors. And mostly he took part in iPhone 5 development.

Steve jobs worked on iPhone 5 design

It’s been stated that Steve Jobs was focusing on the complete upgrade of iPhone. Don’t forget how the exact same design has been applied for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, so we can state that the upcoming iPhone will have brand new design.  That’s why next gadget after iPhone 4 was called iPhone 4S. As talking about that we know it’s the larger display that Apple puts in iPhone 5. Go here and read more about 4-inch display in future iDevice.

The latest iPhone and all of those before have a screen of 3.5 inches display. However Apple’s Android rivals are issuing mobile phones with large screens, and they appear to be attaining a lot of traction. It is no doubt that Apple will produce a 4-inch display in iPhone 5, it’s not a news that Cupertino company has already given orders for manufacturing 4-inch display in future gadget.

iPhone 5 design 3

Steve Jobs worked closely on iPhone 5 design. He took the main pert in it. I think that we will see future gadget as anything has been seen before. I hope this day will come soon.

What do you think about this? All that pictures that I gave you before could be just a fiction and new iPhone 5 design will be as to Steve Jobs and it will be in the memory of Steve Jobs.