Hooray! Evasi0n 1.3 Available for iOS 6.1.1 [Download Links]

Since Apple hurried up and launched its iOS 6.1.1 for owners of iPhone 4S models in order to fix the bugs with 3G connection, hackers had to quickly release their exploit so that iOS 6.1.1 users were able to download evasi0n 1.3 for iOS 6.1.1 and perform untethered jailbreak for their smartphone.

Evasi0n 1.3 update has been specifically developed for Apple handset 4S models and users who updated their iPhone 4S to the newest firmware version 6.1.1. The release of this firmware was so quick that people were afraid to upgrade, especially those who wished to have a jailbroken smartphone.

If you are not iPhone 4S user you can download evasi0n 1.2 with bug fixes and improvements.

download evasi0n 1.3

Luckily for those who chose to update to iOS 6.1.1 they can now jailbreak their iPhone 4S running this operating system version using the exploit found by the Evad3rs hackers. The new firmware fixed the 3G connectivity bug spotted by carriers who complained about this problem to Apple and warned people not to use iOS 6.1.1.

It happens each time the Cupertino-based company rolls out an update to its firmware or releases a new version making millions of users upgrade to it in order to enjoy new features and options. However, users have only one question on their mind. Will they be able to jailbreak the iPhone?

Note: The detailed guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 using evasi0n 1.3 is on it’s way, so stay tuned.

After the iOS 6 update this question became the main problem as it took hackers a couple of months to develop a program capable of performing iOS 6.x jailbreak. Now, as Evasi0n exploit is available to public users became happier, however no one wants to wait for 2-3 months in order to jailbreak the next firmware.

Download Link for Evasi0n 1.3

For now, you can still rely on the exploit discovered by the Evad3rs. You can download evasi0n 1.3 for iOS 6.1.1 iPhone 4S now and enjoy third-party programs on your handset.

By the way, if you haven’t updated to the newest iOS 6.1.1 yet, backup the smartphone you have and upgrade via iTunes. As if you choose to update over-the-air you will not be able to use evasi0n 1.3 to jailbreak your latest firmware.