How to Change iOS 8 Bootlogo for iOS Devices [Cydia]

While iOS 8 is not public yet and there are no official iOS 8 boot logo tweaks, some companies already develop apps that can change and modify your iOS 8 boot logo in case you have already installed this beta operating system and don’t want to wait until Apple makes it public this September.

While your baseband has changed, you got all the new features along with bugs as the firmware is now being tested by iOS developers and some ordinary users who have installed it knowing a little trick with iTunes application, you can get bootlogo for iOS 8 from Cydia source developed by

There will surely be more options soon once the firmware is installed by millions of users and the iOS 8 jailbreak utility is created by hackers.

Right now, as you have guessed, this boot logo iOS 8 is available for users with iOS 7 jailbroken iPhones.

New iOS 8 Boot Logo Released

Here is how you can change your boot logo using a nice glitchy effect.

Step 1. There is no need to add anything to Cydia repository sources with “imeyeless” solution.

Step 2. To change boot logo iOS 8 on your iOS 7 gadget, you need to get some other tweaks, such as Animate and Animate fix for firmware 7.x.x and iFile for iPhone 5, 4S and 4.

Step 3. Allow your smartphone respring and you will see Bootlogo in your Settings app.

Step 4. In order to change your Bootlogo you can select either black or white color.

Black color for iPhone 4 and 4S is available here:


for iPhone 5S and 5 here:


White color can be downloaded for iPhone 4 and 4S from here:


and iPhone 5 and 5S can be obtained from here


Download the one you need using Safari browser and open in iFile.

Step 5. You should use Unarchiver option in iFile. Select it and choose Done to proceed.

Step 6. Now click on Edit and choose your unarchived folder.

Step 7. Click “clipboard” option and copy your link then go to /Library/BootLogos and select Edit option.

Step 8. Pase your link and close iFile.

Step 9. Now launch Settings and select BootLogo menu to find the new themes in Extras.

Step 10. The iPhone needs to reboot and then the cool iOS 8 boot logo will appear on your iOS 7 device.