How to Use New GSX iPhone Network Checker System by IMEI.ORG

Don’t worry about Apple GSX iPhone network checker tool not working any more bacause we can still use it and learn more about your iDevice using the IMEI number. iPhone users often buy locked smartphones to later unlock them and save some money. The never-locked devices cost too much, and those who wish to save their bucks need to use special service to get the details about their carrier. Sadly, Apple GSX iPhone network checker is not working any more. This was the best and most popular way to get detailed information about your handset in almost no time.

GSX iPhone Carrier Checker Not Available from Apple [We Can Make It Work]

Repair and retail stores use the official GSX service by Apple to check details on iPhones and figure out whether the devices need to be repaired and can get a covered repair. The service has been created by the Cupertino-based company. It is not available to everyone, but a lot of companies used it for their needs. For example, those services that offer factory iPhone unlock by IMEI code ran AppleGSX network check tool to find out whether the iPhone can be unlocked or not.

You might wonder what models it was possible to check via GSX site. We’ll tell you. Any model is good. This method worked for iPhone 3GS, 3G, 4S and 4, 5 and the first smartphone released by Apple back in 2007. Could it be used for iPad? Yes, it could. It worked with the new iPad mini and older tablets running iOS firmware.

New iPhone Network Checker Results Sample [Provided by IMEI.ORG Checker Tool]

Serial: 8X024XXX3NP
Product Version: 6.1.3
First Unbrick Date: 06/24/10
Last Unbrick Date: 01/04/11
Unbricked: true
Unlocked: false
Unlock Date:
Original Carrier: US GSM Country Default Policy
Initial Activation Policy Description: 52 – US GSM Service Policy
Applied Activation Policy Description: 51 – US GSM Country Default Policy
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 51 – US GSM Country Default Policy

How did it work? It required entering the IMEI number for the iPhone / iPad you needed to check. It gave all the necessary information, and you can still get it because we made it work again. In other word, we are able to run Apple GSX iPhone Network Checker tool.
Provide your IMEI code for the iOS smartphone and we will give you all the details about it, including its activation policy, lock status, carrier name, the most recent restore date, serial number and other facts.