How to Factory Unlock iPhone 4 / 4s by Using Apple GSX Account

It is not a secret that there are a lot of various methods on how to unlock iPhone. Users can get third-party programs that change their smartphone’s code or use factory unlock. Some tools are free to get, but other services are paid for. Right now I want to tell you about an unconfirmed exploit to factory unlock any iPhone 4 / 4S runnig any firmware like iOS 6.14 / iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.2 or even 5.1.1 with the GSX help. Keep in mind that this method might work for you only if you don’t live in the U.S. because it it still illegal to perform iPhone unlock in the United States.

GSX Exploit to Factory Unlock any iPhone 4 / 4S [Unconfirmed]

First, I’ll explain what Apple’s GSX tool is. You can find it on the official site of the Cupertino-based techgiant at

GSX exploit to factory unlock iphone 4 ,4s

This system is available to particular groups of users. For example, you can use it if you are a service provider and need to order device’s parts or process repairs. But you cannot access it if you are an ordinary user. Secondly, there is no way for you to unlock iPhone with GSX if you are not one of authorized service providers working in partnership with Apple. In other words, if you don’t have a GSX account you are not eligible to get unlock for your iPhone. Surely, there is a way to get such account if you become friends with iPhone carriers or repair shops that already have one.

apple gsx account

But this task is too difficult to achieve. If you are lucky to get important contacts at a repair shop or at the mobile operators, you should get a list of IMEI numbers on activation policy that unlocks gadgets’ status. The best is to find somebody from some Chinese repair shops or those who have serial numbers of iPhones from China Unicom, China Service and other.

To start with you need to have a GSX account or somebody who has it.

Step 1. Think about a reason [a fake one] why you need to repair an iPhone.

Step 2. Visit GSX Apple site and create a new “carry-in repair” tool. Mention the reason you have thought of in Step 1 and wait till your repair case is approved.

create gsx account

Step 3. You will be able to put the “New Serial Number” for the handset you wish to unlock. Actually, this area is designed for a replacement iPhone you need to transfer Apple’s warranty over to. It also transfers the activation policy with the unlocked status over to the iPhone. Simply enter the serial number of the handset and it will become unlocked.

iPhone GSX Unlock Problems

The method seems to be easy to apply. Still it has a lot of problems. Not everyone is eligible. There is also information that it works for particular iPhone models:

  • iPhone 4 8Gb [Serial Number must End with DP0N, and DPMW]
  • iPhone 4S 16 Gb [DTC0, DTD0, DT9V, DTD1, DT9Y, and DTD2]

How to Unlock iPhone for Sure

I believe the only way to unlock iPhone with 100% guarantee is to use factory IMEI unlock tool. It works for all smartphone models, iOS versions and modems / basebands. It is also good for a big variety of networks from around the world. This method is distant. It is safe to perform. It is affordable and it truly unlocks iPhone 4S / 4 / 5 / 3G and 3Gs.

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