iOS 6.1.4 Has Been Just Released and Now It Is Time For Unlock

Today you can find out how to unlock iOS 6.1.4 running on iPhone 5 and enjoy your Sim card. If you really need audio profile for speakerphone you can download iOS 6.1.4 and enjoy it with any Sim.

There were times when it was impossible to unlock the iPhone 5 model with 3.04.25 baseband. And it’s not strange because there aren’t any software for this latest phone from Apple. Unfortunately iPhone unlock software method was possible only on older versions with old baseband. For example you could use such software as Ultrasn0w or SAM, etc.

But Apple company removed this possibility by updating modem firmware versions and such baseband as 3.04.25 on iOS 6.1.4 is not unlockable with any software or hardware method.

However, it’s not so bad as it might seem. At the moment, there is a way to perform iOS 6.1.4 unlocking by IMEI number.

The essence of the method is the official iPhone 5 unlock from the cellular operator. Only the operator and Apple company has the privilege, since only they have access to the database. This service is not free as it is known, the operator charges a fee for the change of locked status to “Unlocked” in iTunes database, and the price differs.

How to Unlock iOS 6.1.4 And Where To Find It

Step 1. You can find a variety of sites and services as well as ads in social networks and forums. But there are many pitfalls and scam!

Why not order the unlock through social networks and forums? The answer is simple: there is no guarantee for refund! Only online payment will give you 100% confidence in the fact that you do not lose your money if iPhone 5 or any other model will be still locked.

Be careful in choosing the service, as there are a lot of scammers who took the money for the unlock and will not do anything!

Step 2. Fortunately, you found this post where you can find legit services below. The next step is to find out the carrier to which your iPhone is locked to. If you know it – good, but if not use IMEI network checker and find it out in 2-5 minutes.

Note: To locate IMEI (which is the most important thing for factory unlock) go to Settings -> General -> About and find it or you can just type *#06# and you will see it on iPhone screen.

Step 3. Knowing the carrier go here to find the country and name of the locked network and make an order.

Step 4. If your network is AT&T you the luckiest iPhone 5 owner because you can unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 for the cheapest price and fastest delivery time using this AT&T service with official confirmation from Apple.

Note 2: you can use that services not only for iPhone 5 3.04.15 and iOS 6.1.4, but for any iPhone model and iOS version.

Step 5. After IMEI unlocking enjoy any iOS firmware and basbeand and don’t forget that any SIM card around the world is supported by your iDevice permanently!

That is what I call fast, cheap and simple. Just forget about messing up with all those tutorials, errors and complete disappointment. Just use IMEI unlock and enjoy not only iOS 6.1.4 but iOS 7, 7.1, etc.