Could Not Activate iPhone [Fix Instruction]

Customers who got their iPhone on eBay or similar platforms might experience some iTunes errors from the very beginning. Even if you buy iPhone directly from Apple you might face issues and problems. Last time I described most fixes for iPhone activation problems and now I offer you a fast look at the problem known as could not activate iPhone which comes as an iTunes error and has fix.

You can get this issue when you are trying to activate your smartphone with the help of desktop iTunes program after you have distantly unlocked it through IMEI code. iPhone IMEI unlocking is the most popular method of remote unlock for the Cupertino-based devices that does not harm your gadget, saves Apple warranty on it and allows you to unlock from the carrier you have been locked it.

Could Not Activate iPhone

Reasons for “Could Not Activate iPhone” Error

Users who have ordered distant IMEI unlock service should activate their iPhone using iTunes. This app reads your IMEI code [that gets status “unlocked” from the company that provides you this service] and finishes the unlock if everything is ok with your iOS handset.

Sometimes it reads your IMEI as a blacklisted code in Apple’s database. This happens when you don’t get back the status “unlocked” and iTunes is unable to unlock the device automatically. There are companies that offer iPhone IMEI unlock but mess up with your data cause the iTunes errors. Or you can be the one who has messed up and ordered iPhone unlock for the smartphone that has never been activated with the carrier it is locked too meaning. Or your handset has been listed as “stolen,” “lost,” or “missing” meaning its IMEI was bad or barred.

How to Fix iPhone Activation Issue

What are you able to do if iTunes tells you that it cannot process your require during iPhone activation and shows could not activate iPhone message?

Firstly, you can try to use a different SIM card for activation. Maybe it can solve the problem for you. there are some methods to hacktivate your iPhone using redsn0w or SAM app. But I didn’t test it.

Secondly, you might like to activate the device in a different place. Visit your relatives, friends, go to a restaurant with Wi-Fi hotspots and try to repeat the procedure there. It can happen so that your PC is blocking iTunes from connection to the activation server from Apple. If this is the problem, you will be ok trying to connect in a different location.

Thirdly, you can try to talk with Apple Support team.

Fourthly, if you are the user of iPhone 3GS on 06.15.00 (iPad) baseband you need to downgrade iPad baseband using Redsn0w and update iPhone to the latest baseabnd with unsupported Sim card.

If nothing helps you, your chances to have a blacklisted iPhone IMEI are pretty high. You should contact professionals who can solve this problem and change the status of your blacklisted IMEI code to “whitelist” number directly in Apple’s database.