Hurricane Sandy Reports: Sharks in New Jersey [iPhone Video]

The news about Sandy slamming into shores across the Northeast coast is horrifying. People are afraid to leave their houses. Not only weather conditions are dangerous. Sharks are getting into towns, and this Hurricane Sandy shark on iPhone [New Jersey] looks just as dangerous as the superstorm itself.

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey

According to CNN reports, at least eleven people were killed by the “post-tropical” disaster’s punch that affected places from West Virginia to Connecticut. Tons of water are ripping up parts of city’s boardwalks and blocks. Local citizens are forced to stay at home and not leave their apartments. Those who do can witness unbelievable things. Once you watch the video of Hurricane Sandy shark on iPhone [New Jersey] you will be shocked. Personally I am afraid of sharks and I would be scared to death to come across one in the street filled with water.

Ocean creatures are coming ashore as the strong winds deliver water to the towns and cities. The places that are mostly affected by the disaster are evacuating people. Post offices cannot deliver goods in time because of the emergency caused by Sandy.

photo (2)

New York is suffering just like Atlantic City. The basements of houses and hospitals are flooded with water. Visitors of Battery Park on Manhattan can witness 14-foot tide which breaks the 1960’s record set by Hurricane Donna [it was over 3 feet less]. Those who live in low-lying areas are being evacuated. Local schools are closed. Panic is everywhere.

photo hurricane sandy

I hope that most of you will see the Hurricane in video and pictures only, and not be close to it seeing your home or places you know going underwater.

photo (1) hurricane sandy iphone

Right now I suggest you should watch the video of Hurricane Sandy shark on iPhone. What do you think about it? Would you panic if you see a shark near your place?

Also you can use these iPhone apps to track hurricane Sandy known as frankenstorm.