Improve iOS 7 Mail App by Adding Mailbox Folders

Some users like to use Mail application on their iPhone and Mailbox on the iPad or opposite. Anyways, they are using different apps but often wish to quickly access particular folders while being on a different iDevice. For example, imagine that you have Mail on the tablet and Mailbox on the smartphone. In order to get to Follow Up folder on the iPad you’ll need to click on several folders. There is a faster way you can use.

I am talking about the possibility of adding Mailbox folders to your Mail program. This is easy to do on iOS 7 firmware. You’ll get a chance to easily get to where you want on any iOS device. Follow the detailed guide posted below and enjoy using this little iOS 7 trick.


Here is how to make iOS Mail application add folders from you emails:

Step 1. Open Mail program on your iOS 7 gadget. It can be iPad or iPhone. This doesn’t matter much.

Step 2. You need to check out the list of your Mailboxes and this way all the Inboxes should be displayed.

Step 3. Go to the email accounts of your. Users who have turned on Smart Mailboxes and VIP options will now see them in their list of accounts as well.

Step 4. Find “Edit” option which is located at the upper right corner of your iDevice screen. Click on it.

Step 5. Now search for “Add Mailbox” option at the bottom of the screen. Do you see it? Tap on it.

Step 6. You can now click on the email account that you wish to get a folder in from. For instance, users who like Gmail service can select their Gmail account at this point. It will show all your Gmail folders along with your Mailbox program folders.

Step 7. Choose the folders / folder that you need to see in Mail list of folders. Click on Done twice to return to Mailboxes.

Step 8. Enjoy seeing your Mailbox folders in your Mail account / inbox lists.

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