How to Improve Multitasking on iPhone Guide

Would you like to improve multitasking iPhone option? Apple makes it better on iOS 9 iPad however those user who are still running iOS 8 and are jailbroken might want to search for top iPhone multitasking tweaks on Cydia. We’ll talk about one of such apps that can be used right away.

There is a tool called Multiplexer. It improves multitasking on iPhone and brings six main options you might give a try. We’ll discuss the features this iOS 8 jailbreak tweak adds on your smartphone.

Multiplexer comes with Aura option that makes it possible to make apps running in the background. With this feature you can easily listen to YouTube audio files but have this program work in the background.

Mission Control feature allows working with multiple desktops on your phone. It’s a cool addition because you are able to pull programs from anywhere and bring them to the particular desktop.

There is another feature the tweak boasts. It is called Empoleon. You can add programs into windows and resize them. It’s a really cool option.

You are able to also get back to the previous apps by double tapping on your iPhone iOS 8 Home button. Reach App is an interesting addition that also makes it possible to resize your application panes.

It is possible to add your apps right into Notification Center using Quick Access feature. You’ll find a new tap in Notifications. Click on it and the application added will be launched right away. Isn’t it fun?

There is also Swipe Over option that also pulls up the program that was launched last when you swipe from right to left. This multitasking options are nice to have and you can also check them out if you download the tool from Cydia store for $3.99. Unfortunately it is not free of charge.