Top iOS 9 Tricks and Tips for iPhone Users

iOS 9 is out and millions of users are already running this most recent Apple mobile firmware. What are iOS 9 tips and tricks you have to know about in case you have upgraded or are planning to install this operating system on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The first and main option introduced by Apple is the Low Power mode that can save your battery life. When you launch Settings and select Usage – Battery menu you will find the new 2015 feature that turns off the options and processes to provide you with up to 3 hours of battery life.

The second fun feature that appears in iOS 9 is the iCloud Drive manager that can be accessed as the iOS 9 app and not a third-party program. You can share files, download and view files through this application.

The third option we must mention is Search Bar. This great feature is already built into your Settings making sure you’ll find what you need much quicker than if scrolling down the menu.

The list of iOS 9 tricks and tips is pretty long. There are a lot of changes that are worth talking about and make this platform so demanded by iPhone owners. For example, Apple brought the Back to App feature that makes it simple to return to the previous program you were using.

Users who type a lot will find both Lower and Upper case keys which can be turned on and off. The refreshed keyboard on iOS 9 now shows you lower case keys however they turn to upper case letters when you enable the Shift key.

Users who enjoy recording videos on iOS 9 can turn of the Flash by toggling. It is also possible to dismiss images by swiping down, see the next-coming photo through the thumbnails, select multiple images by tapping and dragging over thumbnails, and hide photographs from unwanted viewers by selecting the file and clicking the Share – Hide option.

There are a lot of other things you’ll learn about iOS 9.