Install SiriPort from Cydia iOS 5.1.1 and Enjoy Siri on All iGadgets Without Proxy [How-to Video]

What is SirPort and how to install it on non-iPhone 4S devices running iOS 5.1.1? If you don’t know I’ll show you how to do it. And don’t worry if SiriPort not working just follow given steps below attentively. Also you can watch the video bellow that shows you how to install SiriPort for iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4, so you can enjoy it to.

Let me introduce you today great Cydia tweak SiriPort for iOS 5.1.1. This jailbreak tweak allows you to use Siri on such iOS devices as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All you need is to run untethered Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 jailbrreak on your gadget. So first perform jailbreak to get Cydia because you need it to download and install SiriPort (original). It is working and easy to install.

install SiriPort from cydia 002

SiriPort from Cydia is an great alternative for Spire because not all tweaks are working with iOS 5.1.1 and Spire is among of them. You may know that Spire gives great possibilities to use Siri and you can apply it to all iOS devices but not to new iOS. So you can install SiriPort on iOS 5.1.1 and enjoy using Siri.

After updating your iOS to 5.1.1 you may notice that not all Cydia apps and tweaks are compatible with new iOS. So many enthusiasts are trying to fix that problem or develop something new. So go here and find your iOS 5.1.1 compatible apps and tweaks and install it fast.

But let’s talk about SiriPort and how to install it from Cydia on iOS 5.1.1 to use Siri on non-4S devices.

How to Install SiriPort from Cydia

Step 1. Open Cydia on your untethered jailbroken device and go to Manage => Sources => Edit => Add to add this repo:

install SiriPort from cydia 001

Step 2. Wait till Cydia download the package and tap Search to find SiriPort. You will see three types of this app:

  • SiriPort (Hebrew)
  • SiriPort (original)
  • SiriPort (Russian)

install SiriPort 003

So choose SiriPort (Original) and install it.

Step 3. After installation just reload SpringBoard.

Step 4. Now Open Safari and write this web address:

Now after SiriPort window appeared just tap Install.

install SiriPort 004

This address allows you to download and install certificate for your gadget verification on Siri server.

Warning: You need to restart your device before moving to the next step.

Step 5. After installing certificate go to Settings => General => Siri. Enable Siri and make some settings: language, voice feedback,  raise to speak, my info (just add a contact name you want to hear from Siri when she talks to you).

install SiriPort 005

Ans that’s it. Check if your device is connected to the Internet, hold a while Home button till Siri appears and offers its help.

Note: In case you did everything right and Siri functioned but she told that “Some is wrong..” – don’t worry it is just because Siri server is overloaded at that time so try this voice assistant in a little while and enjoy. It happens because many people a re trying to connect to the server and it can’t handle it.

Also here below you can watch the video on how to install SiriPort on iPhone 4:

As you can see I’ve tested it on my iPhone 4 and can say that it works. So if you want SiriPort working on your gadget do all steps right and read notes which is important too and enjoy Siri after Siriport install from Cydia. If there will be some questions then let me know using comment form bellow and I help you using my experience.

Also I can offer you an alternative way to use Siri on any iOS devices. You can connect to this SIRI Server and enjoy this amazing voice assistant for free and without proxy!