iOS 8.1.1 Security Flaws, Apple and Pangu Jailbreak

The Cupertino-based company offers the new update to users who can download iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone and other supported iDevices. Is there iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak available right now? Do Pangu security codes work on this new firmware just like they do on previous iOS 8 – 8.1 versions of Apple’s mobile operating system?

These questioned are finally answered. Sadly, the iPhone maker has patched several iOS 8.1.1 security flaws and thus the new improvements and enhancements brought to iOS users also kill Pangu jailbreak. Hackers can’t used the same exploits anymore once they are closed by Apple.

Both Chinese hackers and Apple have confirmed that iOS 8.1.1 exploits are patched and Pangu jailbreak no longer supporting this latest firmware upgrade. Thus, anyone who likes to stay jailbroken and doesn’t wish to wait till developers find other ways to jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 better avoid installing this update.

According to the source, hackers found exploits in dyld, kernel and sandbox profiles and all these three security patches are now listed by Apple.

If you have installed iOS 8.1.1 by accident you still have time to downgrade to iOS 8.1. As soon as the iPhone creator, Apple, stops signing this version you will no longer be able to complete this procedure via iTunes.

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