iOS 8.3 Beta Twitter Update Discovered with No Sharing Button

Do you remember Twitter sharing button in iOS 8.2 and earlier versions? A lot of iPhone and iPad users liked tweeting right from iOS apps using it but the current iOS 8.3 extra features get rid of this button. What can it mean?

It looks like iOS 8.3 beta Twitter update is coming soon. Will we see a new Twitter’s own share extension in Apple mobile firmware? It might mean this as developers and users who can install iOS 8.3 beta 4 without UDID have noticed the absence of a familiar ‘blue bird’ button.

Some experts think that Apple could stop on the fourth beta and others believe the company might release a fifth version for testing before making 8.3 a public release. We have talked about iOS 8.3 what’s new options to give you an overall idea of what to expect this spring.

The most recent change in this operating system shows now Twitter sharing button that was used for many years in a row, beginning with iOS 5. It made it simple to share images, links and posts right within Photos, Safari and other applications.

Will you miss this simple option or not? It might happen that Apple didn’t intend to remove it and this is just an error in iOS 8.3 beta 4 code. Twitter is so popular that the ‘fruit’ giant just can’t take it away from its firmware. So we have two main ideas on what has happened. Firstly, it could be the bug that will be solved by the time the OS is released officially. Secondly, Twitter might update its existing button making it a share extension with multiple opportunities.