iOS 8.3 Beta: What’s New or Everything We Know About This Firmware

We have recently told you that Apple updated iOS 8.3 to beta 4 which you can download without UDID and dev account through the direct links. What are the new iOS 8.3 features the company is planning to bring to users soon?

All the real iOS 8.3 specs will be unveiled to public sometime in April. You know some of the options already [for example, you can read more about ‘Hey Siri’ feature that makes calling hands-free on the iPhone]. Now it is time to look at other things that will change.

iOS 8.3 Keyboard

iOS 8.3 What’s New

Apple has included new flags for 32 more countries. For example, it has now the flag of India, Canada and other places from across the globe.

The keyboard design has been updated and now users will not click on periods as often as they used to on previous firmwares. This becomes handy for Safari surfing.

The new beta brought CarPlay support meaning that iOS 8.3 users will be able to connect iPhones and iPads wirelessly instead of using the USB cable to ‘cooperate’ with their vehicle systems.

Messages application has been improved as well to allow filtering the lists of your conversations. Besides, there is the 2FA support for Google and a lot of other changes we will most likely see before April 24 as this is the date when Apple Watch officially goes on sale.

iOS 8.3 Emojis

iOS 8.3 Emoji Keyboard

The iPhone giant works on the emoji tweaks for its mobile devices. New emojis were released in the second beta of iOS 8.3 for the first time. The faces added by the company include yellow skin, gold and blonde hair you can match. To see the updated emojis you’ll have to hold down on the default icons.

It has become easy to navigate through the big library of emojis created by Apple. Users can match skin tone with hair color and create a lot of different icons for both kids and parents.