iOS 8.3 Release to Add ‘Hey Siri’ Option for Hands-Free Calls

iOS 8.3 release date to bring a lot of new interesting features to all iDevices supported by this version of Apple mobile firmware. We’ve mentioned some biggest iOS 8.3 issues and options before, and now it’s time to talk about Siri, personal assistant, which has become very important to ‘fruit’ device users.

The Cupertino-based company will introduce iOS 8.3 Siri option that awakes this personal assistant with phrase ‘Hey Siri’ to use the smartphone or tablet hands-free. Once awoken, the assistant can make phone calls or direct calls to your speakerphone.

This same feature works in iOS 8.2 but it offers you a web search option when you invoke it this way.

How will the iOS 8.3 Siri hands free feature work? You will say ‘Hey Siri call LetsUnlockiPhone on speaker’ and your iPhone’s assistant will place this phone call without the need to click / tap on the speaker button. The person you are calling will be heard in the speaker automatically. The same option can let you check emails and do other things. This new feature has its drawbacks. In order to use updated Siri option on iOS 8.3 you will have to first connect the iPhone or iPad to a power source otherwise it won’t invoke the assistant.

Siri will also get the support for different languages in the next firmware update, including Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Portuguese, Swedish and English for New Zealand and India.

It is not known for sure when Apple releases firmware update. The latest one available was iOS 8.3 beta 3 which can be downloaded without a dev account through direct links and tested on your iDevice if you are not afraid to risk as this beta has tons of bugs.

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