iOS 8.3 Issues: iPhone Users Get Redirected to App Store without Permission

iOS 8.2 release [you can update to 8.2 version using a step-by-step tutorial] didn’t change App Store Safari issues and if users believed that iOS 8.3 bugs wouldn’t include this problem they were wrong. Apple launched iOS 8.3 beta 3 which you can download directly without UDID and this firmware version demonstrates that there are ads in mobile Safari browser that don’t ask users for permission to redirect them to the App Store.

The new iOS 8.3 bugs were unveiled recently. It is not cool when you browse web pages on your iPhone and get redirected once in a while seeing the App Store loading when you didn’t even plan to visit it.

Such iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 issues are similar to the problem that was reported in 2014. It doesn’t exist in each web page you see but some random ads redirect you even if the page didn’t have time to fully load. Some iOS users have already complained that iPhone Safari redirects them to App Store even though the company added the changes to its iOS 8 platform that were meant to fix the bug. It seems that online advertisers found a new way how to send you to the page you weren’t looking for.

There is a video online which proves that iOS 8.3 beta on iPhone and iOS 8.2 firmware on iPad lead to such redirections. It is also curious that Apple did solve the problem in early iOS 8 reporting that Safari blocked advertisements from redirecting customers from their webpage to the App Store without their permission. This issue doesn’t seem to be fixed judged by the new facts.

Do you experience any other iOS 8.3 problems with betas running on your iPhone or iPad?

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