iOS 8 Malware Attacks Still Possible via Masque Attack II

How safe is iOS 8.1.3 [we have already told you that AT&T iPhone users can be attacked by mobile spy joint]? According to the security research company that has found iOS 8 malware attacks possible due to Masque Attack, this same very malicious software can still harm users.

Apple is trying to offer the maximum iOS 8 malware protection to iPhone and iPad users. But the possibility of hacks and malicious files exists though Apple and the firm FireEye have a different vision of the not-so-long-ago updated iOS 8.1.3 which was presented in February 2015.

As noted by the research company, the Masque Attack [this is how the malicious software has been called by FireEye] still exits and is capable of bypassing the prompt that is created by iOS firmware which helps it to trust / not trust applications.

The second phase of Masque Attack on iOS 8 can cause the same problems, according to experts. The research firm notes that this malicious program acts that same way it did previously. It can still abuse iOS 8 dev certificate and make iDevice users install third-party programs that are dangerous.

The iOS URL hijacking problem is no longer available in iOS 8.1.3 which fixes it, as noted by researches. However, they believe that the malware software can bypass iOS prompt for trust.

According to Apple, it has already addressed the issue with signature validation aka prompt for trust. The iOS giant has officially announced about this. Apple, at the same time, assured that it got no reports from users regarding this issue known as Masque Attack.

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