iOS 9 New Features and Changes Upcoming in the Fall

What are the changes in iOS 9? The iPhone giant is bringing the new firmware sometime this fall along with a big number of iOS 9 settings that should make iPhone, iPad and iPod touch experience even better than it is on the iOS 8 platform.


The list of new iOS 9 options and improvements is pretty long [if you want to test this new firmware you can sign up for iOS 9 public beta program]. It includes the split-screen multitasking, updated Maps and Siri and a big number of other changes you might like to learn more about.

New iOS 9 Features

* VoiceOver option includes Siri voices now.

* Apple introduces different video resolution options for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6 models allowing choosing between 720p HD and 1080p HD.

* Settings will have the special search option inside this tool. Users will be able to find different settings by searching for them.

* The option Shake to Undo can be turned off.

* If you are not fan of different vibrations you can easily turn them off through General menu.

* The iCloud Drive program should provide access to your documents and files that are stored in this application.

* You can protect your Safari passwords using the Touch ID feature.

iOS 9 Touch ID for Safari* It is possible to turn off character preview in the new firmware version.

* iOS 9 allows customizing your iDevice touch accommodations.

* Battery life can be extended by up to three hours thanks to the new iOS 9 features. The ‘fruit’ company included Low Power option that should make sure that the iPhone doesn’t turn off when you really need it.

* Devs should be able to block Safari extensions using Content Blockers option.

* Apple introduces Auto-Lock feature to the smartphones and tablets.

iOS 9 Auto-Lock Feature* There will be no Perspective Zoom for wallpapers as you’ll be able to set them as ‘perspective’ or ‘still.’

* General Settings will get the Side Switch feature that should enable lock rotation on the iPad devices.

* Users can adjust their top-level menu using Assistive Touch option.

* Wallet can be accessed from your iOS 9 Lock screen.

* Apple introduces lowercase mode. You can turn on the capital letters by enabling Shift key.

iOS 9 Keyboard Lowercase* iOS 9 will make the passcodes of 6 or 4 digits instead of only 4. This should better protect your iPhone or iPad from being hacked.

iOS 9 Passcode 6 Digits* Mute your iPhone or iPad and Siri’s voice will be disabled.

* You can group all your notifications by app through Settings.

What do you think about all these changes in iOS 9?

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