Why Do iOS Apps Disappear from the App Store?

Why do apps disappear from the App Store? You might have noticed that sometimes the application you really enjoyed using on your iOS 8 or now iOS 9 iPhone or iPad suddenly becomes no longer available on iTunes or App Store [learn some interesting iOS 9.1 tips for the most recent OS]. Why does it happen?

Apple explains the reasons why App Store removes apps and you can learn what happened recently. A few days ago the Cupertino-based company removes a few hundreds of programs that were available on the App Store. The ‘fruit’ giant gave the following explanation: the removed programs contained advertising SDK that can capture sensitive user information.

Why iOS Apps Removed from App Store

It is true that each iOS applications has to be approved by the App Store and there are plenty of factors that an affect the decision and make it negative. Still sometimes the tools that passed the exam and were added to the official App Store rapidly get removed because… they managed to slip through the rules set by the iPhone maker. Well, you know that iOS 9 jailbreak is possible because of the holes and exploits in the code.

The third-party ad SDK used by developers could gather some sensitive data and Apple decided to remove the apps that contained it. The problem with the third-party platforms is that they can gather information without letting users know their emails and IDs are being gathered. Code analytics are always searching for different holes and when they find a problem – Apple takes a step to protect its users.

The latest report states that 256 App Store apps used the ad SDK that could gather users’ information and all these programs were downloaded millions times. Apple removed them from the store. Most of these applications were targeting the market in China though some were offered on other markets as well.

If one of your favorite iOS apps removed from App Store – you might want to uninstall it as it could use the third-party Youmi’s SDK that gathers your personal information until developers update their programs using the safe SDK.

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