iOS Apps Personal Data Access: Why Should You Care?

19% of iOS applications have access to your personal data without even asking you says the Bitdefender company which deals with anti-virus software. For example, address book is accessed without even notifying user. In addition, about 41% of the applications track your location. Bitdefender draws attention to the fact that about 40% of the applications that track your location do not encrypt the data collected, which, of course, is an unpleasant fact for the users. Sure, this data is collected without taking into account all of the existinп iOS 6 apps within the App Store but using 65 000 randomly selected applications.

Catalin Cosoi, chief researcher at the Bitdefender security company, said that statistics about iOS Apps personal data access is not very comforting. She states that encryption of data obtained by iOS applications occurs very rarely, and tracking information about the location is too common. The user is difficult to assess the level of information security because applications perform all actions hidden from the user. We are concerned because of the poor user data encryption , location and tracking of frequent uncontrolled access to the address book. This is kinda dangerous because such data can be used by hackers to harm your device or personal space.

Given that the situation around access to personal data by iOS apps is really disappointing, it will change with the advent of iOS 6. Once Apple has been criticized because of the scandal with the Path application, the company has gained much more serious attitude to the issues of confidentiality of user information. In iOS 6 when you first start the application you will always receive notification of whether you want an application to access your personal data, and if so – then to which exactly.

The only question that currently remains open – is the encryption of the information received. Users have no way of knowing whether it is encrypted personal data accessed by iOS apps, and Apple still does not require developers to provide this information.

Do you frequently allow iOS apps to use your personal data like location, contacts or want them to send you Pus notification. I personally do that if that’s really necessary. What about you? Share in the comments.