iOS In-App Purchase Refunds Offered by Apple to iTunes Customers

Anyone who got across iTunes in-app purchase problem with unauthorized access to his or her wallet can solve it with Apple’s help. The company emails its customers offering refunds. Such an agreement was set between the iPhone maker and U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Customers who suffered from the issue can get their money back.

Some iTunes users have already received emails from Apple. The iPad creator assures it is possible to get iTunes in-app purchase refund by filling out one form. The link to the form is listed in email.

Unauthorized iOS In-App Purchase Refunds for iPhone / iPad Users
The offer is targeted toward iPhone and iPad owners who purchased in-app extras recently and made such a purchase without meaning it. All purchases that were “made by a minor” can bring you a refund if you request such a refund by April 15, 2014.
As the letter says, the company wants to provide children and their parents “a great experience” with iOS applications and games. While all apps are reviewed before being submitted to the App Store some programs come with additional offers available for real bucks. Even though iOS 7.1 update now asks users whether they are eager to make in-app purchase it cannot protect parents as agreeing to the purchase makes it possible to buy things from applications within 15 minutes after you entered your password once.
 Refunds for iTunes unauthorized in app purchase are offered “in certain cases.” If you wish to request such a refund, you need to look in your purchase history and submit the request to Apple which will be reviewed by iOS maker. The results will be emailed to you.
The agreement makes the iPhone maker provide $32 million in refunds to families where kids bought in-app items.