iOS Malware Protection Required: Hackers Steal 250,000 iPhone Accounts

How important is iOS malware protection if you are Apple customer? The Cupertino-based giant always promises the best protection of its mobile firmware versions however those iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who prefer to jailbreak iOS 8 and future iOS 9 always carry risks to download malware applications. One of such apps has already stolen over 250,000 accounts that belong to Apple users.

iOS malware KeyRaider is the dangerous program that is responsible for obtaining user’s personal information. Using this file hackers were able to get passwords and access to accounts of over 250,000 Apple users. Everything happened on jailbroken iPhones and other iDevices that were untethered or tethered.

The Chinese source that reported such news, WooYun, was the first one to note how dangerous jailbroken gadgets are and share information about stolen accounts with users. Following the news, Palo Alto team researched the issue and assures that KeyRaider is the malware that helped intruders to steal ‘fruit’ accounts.

The malware can only infect a jailbroken smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t affect factory iPhones and iPads. If you don’t use iOS malware protection and you have the jailbroken iDevice you can be at potential risk of unveiling your passwords to hackers who could use your iTunes account for purchasing apps and add-ons without your permission.

If you are jailbroken and notice unauthorized purchases on your App Store account – you could be on the list of users who lost their accounts or provided access to hackers. The malware can work through Cydia store which is extremely popular among iOS users who run tools to untether their Apple products.

Yangzhou is the Chinese student who first discovered KeyRaider malware. If you don’t want to lose your iCloud account you should check your system once in a while to make sure no malicious files are present and no one could access your account or steal your personal information.

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