If You Are Want to Get iPad Mini LTE You Have to Wait [Shipment Delayed]

Just recently I’ve written you about comparison between iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 but if you are looking to obtain iPad Mini especially 4G LTE version there is not good news for you. Apple delayed iPad Mini LTE shipping.

After iPad Mini event on October 23 (and you can download it using the link), Apple representatives stated that the version of the device with Wi-Fi would be released on November 2, and the model with LTE support would be shipped in the market after 2 weeks.

However, Apple removed the date from the page for iPad Mini preorders of the devices equipped with wireless module networks, 3G and 4G wireless networks. And it was despite the fact that Cupertino company was going to ship the tablet on November 23 which was more than initially sounded two weeks.

Apparently, Apple can not cope with the high demand and delayed iPad mini shipping . It’s especially hard for tablets with LTE support for cellular networks. Registration of orders for new gadgets in the Apple online store began on Friday in US. Just in a few minutes shipping for the white version of the device with Wi-Fi was extended to two weeks. This means that users in the U.S. have bought the entire first batch of white mini-tablets. Black iPad Mini was ended on Sunday in US as well.

As looking at iPad Mini prices you can find $329 for WiFi version and $459 for WiFi + 4G LTE. Even with this big price iPad Mini remains the best mini tablet in the world. You can be sure that you will get device which is more powerful than others.

I don’t know the real reason of delayed iPad Mini LTE shipping and the time when we will see it but if you stay tuned with us you will be the first who will find out when iPad Mini LTE shipping will be.

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