iPad Pro 2015 Release Date Postponed

Some customers were expecting to see iPad Pro iOS 9 update along with the new “S” lineup of Apple smartphones. New rumors suggest we won’t see the official public release of the next generation iPad Pro in September and thus it won’t be shipped with upcoming iOS 9 firmware version that has a lot of new features and useful options.

When iPad Pro 2015 release date could be expected? This bigger tablet device could be waiting for both Force Touch addition and special stylus that supports this technology. It could also get the special screen resolution however it might not be introduced and released this September as some experts hoped for.


Analysts change their predictions and believe that iPad Pro is scheduled to be unveiled later in the fall, after iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are publicly released. While these smartphones should come with iOS 9 pre-installed on them, iPad Pro will be most likely running iOS 9.1 version that could follow in October 2015.

We haven’t seen the iOS 9.1 betas yet. Apple was testing iOS 9 operating system in the summer. It presented several testing versions to developers who are registered in the company’s Dev Center programs and a few public betas that are used by beta testers registered in the special Public Beta Program launched by the Cupertino-based giant earlier this year.

Do you also think that the iOS giant is planning to devote September to its new iPhone lineup and present iPad Pro with iOS 9.1 update sometime in October? Does it sound like something the ‘fruit’ company could do?

Some reports assure Apple will start the mass production of its next tablet generation in October. Right now it is probably focusing on iPhone upgrade, iOS 9 polishing and other tasks that would make the “S” gen handsets release painless and with no or little bugs.