iPhone 6 SIM Lock Removed by Vodafone in Germany

A lot of users know about iPhone 6 SIM lock Vodafone problem that was present in different countries, including Germany. Finally, as local media confirm it, this carrier has removed the lock for all customers. Everything has changed automatically, meaning if you own the latest Apple smartphone that was tied to this European carrier you can breath a sign of relief and finally start using any SIM with your smartphone.

It is not a secret that a lot of customers dreamt about Vodafone Germany iPhone 6 unlock which was available to anyone who found out about factory IMEI unlock. Luckily, there is no need to pay for becoming permanently unlocked because the SIM lock must have been already removed for each user with the iDevice [only model 6] that was purchased from German Vodafone mobile company.

According to different sources, you can now connect to WLAN and insert any not-supported SIM [from any local carrier or foreign company] and get the signal. If your iDevice doesn’t see the SIM you might need to restart your device or connect to iTunes so that it checks with Apple servers and makes sure you have been unlocked automatically by the system.

All modern carriers in Germany sell unlocked iPhone 6 and Vodafone was the last local provider that had smartphones locked to its network.

Since the company solved this issue by now you might like to run iPhone 6 SIMlock check service to make sure you have been successfully unlocked from the carrier.