iPhone 6s Apple 3D Touch Technology: Touch Force Display

We hear some new rumors about iPhone 6s touch force technology Apple is expected to unveil this week. Some experts start to mention Apple 3D Touch technology that should appear in both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Could this make these two models more attractive to customers who are reportedly not interested in Force Touch feature that much?

iPhone 3D Touch Display is the pressure-sensitive display that is based on Force Touch technology. This won’t be the Force Touch you can see on the Apple Watch or Mac computers. Apple is upgrading the feature and making it more interesting and curious for potential consumers. It is already called 3D Touch by some analysts and experts.

We’ve heard before that new generation iOS smartphones will get Force Touch option. Still this news doesn’t make customers too excited. Would the new name bring more excitement? When the option sounds like ‘3D Touch Display’ it truly gets more attention than simple Force Touch. Do you agree?

If you own or saw Apple Watch you should have noticed that is screen can sense different levels of pressure and understand when you are pressing and when you are tapping on the display. The ‘S’ iPhone lineup could be even more sensitive to pressure and distinguish between a press, a tap and a deep press, as rumors suggest.

Since we talk about 3 dimensions of pressure and not the 2 dimensions already used in the ‘fruit’ wearable, experts give this feature the 3D Touch name. iPhone 6s featuring iOS 9 upgrade could get numerous tricks that will improve the experience and make this handset a number 1 this fall.

At first Force Touch should be used by Apple as shortcut actions across iOS 9. Later the company might improve this feature and make iPhone 7 must have just as it was with iPhone 6 a year ago.

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