iPhone 6S Force Touch Detailing: More Shortcuts

Some interesting iPhone 6S Force Touch detailing has surfaced ahead of the official Apple phone release that is expected in September. According to unnamed sources, this upcoming phone line will not get new context-sensitive menu like some customers might think. Instead, the new technology will bring more ‘shortcuts’ to the ‘fruit’ fans.

The next Apple Force Touch iPhone should act a lot like ‘shortcuts’ – in other words, it should function a bit different from the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus since Force Touch option should create better functionality across iOS 9 platform [this is the next version of Apple mobile firmware that is now being tested by developers and public beta testers].

Here are some details about how Force Touch could work on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. For example, if you want to get directions in the Maps program you should click on the destination, find point of interest, choose navigation logo and press on another key in order to navigate. With Force Touch this should be much simpler as users should be able to get the point of interest and simply Force Touch to get directions. In other words, the new technology can help customers skip a couple of steps while performing different tasks on their iDevice.

Similar navigation can be experienced with Music application and other tools that could use shortcuts offered by Force Touch feature. If you have the most recent MacBook with Force Touch you should notice similar gestures on the iPhone 6S once it is launched [rumors says so]. The report also promises that iOS 9 Force Touch devices will get three options once being activated on the “S” phone line. This should include some pop-up features, pop-up menus and no context-based pop-ups [similar to MacBook and MacBook Pro that have Force Touch].