Where iPhone 6S Release Date to Be Announced

The official iPhone 6s release date is coming soon. Apple is getting prepared for this important 2015 event and unnamed sources keep posting information about the new ‘S’ line of the popular ‘fruit’ handsets. Where would the Cupertino-based giant hold its launch event this year?

We’ve heard about iPhone 6s Force Touch option that might be available for both 6S and 6S Plus versions, new and better camera specs, improved A9 processor and other details about the unannounced gadget. Still we didn’t hear where iPhone 6s launch date could be announced by Apple.

The latest reports mention the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium as possible place for the Apple special event. Is this the place where the company is planning to introduce its new iPhones in San Francisco in the fall 2015 or not?

It could be truth. There are different reports about possible event date. Some sources promise everything to happen on September 9th and others mention September 11th and 13th dates. Anonymous sources assure that the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium was books for one private event through September 13th. It is believed to be patrolled by SFPD officers however no one says what private event is about.

The high level of security deployed and ‘familiar dates’ could really mean that this is where Apple is going to unveil the new generation handset lineup. Every year Apple is finding new places for official introduction of its iPhones.

The company will soon send the first invitations and this is when we all will learn the truth. Right now it’s still time for rumors and predictions. The iPhone 6s is definitely in the production now and it will soon be presented for public and officially released sometime in September.

We still know that Apple likes to introduce smartphones at different auditoriums in San Francisco so the September 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th or even 13th could be the day when we hear about the brand new 2015 iPhone model.

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