iPhone 6S Sale Date Doesn’t Promise High Sales

There were many rumors about iPhone 6S sale date that promise two new Apple smartphones launch this September. Now reports say that iPhone 6S sales aren’t expected high. For example, KGI analyst believes that this year the ‘fruit’ giant could get negative or near-zero growth for its new smartphone sales.

Both “S” line models should get the features from iOS 9 firmware and some improvements offered by the Cupertino-based company. However iPhone 6S Plus and 6S won’t bring any major changes in design and this is the reason why iPhone 6S sale results could be low in quarter 4.

There is another reason for low sales this fall. The iPhone sales in China have slowed down. Besides, potential customers are not happy with the Force Touch being the main new option brought to 2015 iPhone models. All these factors point to lower sales than it was a year ago. Experts estimate about 65-75 million units to be sell in the fourth quarter.

Public was waiting for something incredible and innovative since the ‘fruit’ giant likes to surprise and offer new solutions that make consumers buy and upgrade to the most recent generation handset.

There are reports [they aren’t confirmed by Apple] that state that the company already reduced its manufacturing orders for the next-gen devices. Right now the figures mention only 1 percent reduction but this could grow as the official sales date starts.

Would you personally buy iPhone 6S Force Touch device only because of the Force Touch feature or is it not enough to make this phone attractive to you? This could be a nice option if it worked as on MacBook and Watch. However predictions promise a different way of communication that could turn the feature to more ‘shortcuts’ in the end.

Are you looking for the public launch of iOS 9 and iPhone 6S models?