iPhone And Adobe Flash: Why Apple Doesn’t Want It To Happen

We all know that iPhone doesn’t support Adobe Flash programs. It has been mentioned in the terms-of-service agreement created by the Cupertino-based tech company. Here are some thoughts on this issue.

To those who are impatient to see this software on their smartphones and tablets I can say that Apple promises it will create a version of Flash player for iDevices. But these seem to be just words without responsibility for actually allowing iPhone support for Adobe Flash programs. Why does it prohibit its use? Why wouldn’t the company make a gift to its huge army of customers and release a long-awaited app in the App Store?

Adobe Flash iPhone: What Developers Believe

I found an interesting opinion on wikileaks that explains why Adobe flash on iPhone is just a dream to millions of iOS fans.

Flash is widely used for animations, multimedia programs and various interactive games created for web browsers. Most PCs support this platform as it is widely popular nowadays. But no iOS version for it exists. Apple doesn’t let it.

According to Tap Tap Revenge iOS game developer Bart Decrem, it will be difficult to implement Flash into iGadgets without violating the Terms of Service of the agreement signed by all Apple developers. The Cupertino company controls every other app that appears in its stores and it won’t allow any platform that has apps running on their own.

If it happens so that Flash comes to iPhones and iPads, a lot of developers could easily release apps and games for iPhone without Apple’s permission because such programs can be coded in Flash and added on any site worldwide. Apple won’t lose so much money allowing anything diverting business from its online stores.

No Adobe Flash for iPhone

You can understand that iPhone maker is perfectly aware of all the problems that could be caused by adding Flash to its devices. This is the reason for iPhone no Adobe Flash rule claused in Terms of Service [SDK] agreement.

The hope is not lost yet because some developers think that Apple could let Adobe create a limited version of its program. Still, even if this happens iOS consumers will never get a true Flash experience on their mobile gadgets.