iPhone Hacker Tools Cost More Than OS X, Android and Windows Tools

Do you know how expensive iPhone hacker tools are? The companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars for using programs created by hackers. For example, there is Zerodium firm you might have heard of. They promised to pay $1 million bounty to the team or hacker who develops unique browser based jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and one group of hackers truly won this prize.

It is reported that iPhone hacker software is the most expensive in the market if compared to OS X, Windows and Android programs. The firms purchased tools and later sell it to government agencies and other companies that are eager to pay for exploits.

iPhone Hacks Paid More Than Other Exploits

As noted by Zerodium, they are paying about $5,000 for exploits found in MyBB and WordPress. The O X hacks cost about $30,000 and iOS tools are the most expensive and the most wanted. Some hackers who find exploits in Apple mobile firmware can get as much as $500,000 for the program.

The spy firms and companies pay for exploits for various platforms, including Android and Windows. Most companies do not discuss the prices usually however Zerodium thinks that it is good for hackers to know the prices. No firms, of course, name the real agencies they are working with. This information is kept in secret. But these companies are also paying a lot for being able to access the exploits purchased from hackers.

Firms that buy and sell exploits for remote access are only eager to get the exclusive and original exploits that were never revealed to public. You see that any platform can be hacked for the right money.