iPod Touch 6 vs iPod Touch 5 Comparison

Apple released the new iPod touch this summer. The company is currently getting ready for the big iPhone launch in September and while customers are waiting for the official iPhone 6s introduction – you can compare iPod touch 5 and 6.

Do you own the lastest generation iPod touch from Apple? The ‘fruit’ giant presented its 2015 model before the public release of the new iPhone. Should you buy this gadget or keep your older iPod touch 5G?

iPod Touch 6 vs iPod Touch 5

When you see the two devices you get the feeling that they are so much alike. But this only appears at first glance because Apple didn’t change the design of its iPod touch 6. Since the newest version has 1GB of RAM and can boast A8 chip, it is faster and better than iPod touch 5G in many situations. The Greekbench scores show that the sixth gen model does crush the previous release. Just think of it: iPod touch 6 scored 2,449 and this is nearly six time what 5th generation version scored.

These are not the only improvements Apple brings to its customers this year. The iPod that was launched this summer comes with an enhanced 8 megapixel camera allowing users to create slow-motion videos. It also comes with the quick WiFi speeds.

Gold iPod touch 6

Fans of gold color will find gold-colored iPod touch 6. This model is available in four options of storage. The smallest 16GB version costs $199. The 32GB model is available at $249. The 64G version costs $299 and the device with the 128GB of storage is the most expensive – you can buy it at $399.

Are you planning to buy iPod touch 6 or are you waiting for the iOS 9 iPhone 6S release?