iTunes Has Banned the Jailbreak Term

Looks like Apple is so jealous about jailbreak term that they even banned this word on iTunes. MuscleNerd just retweeted planetbeing’s discovery concerning song search on iTunes. Looks like Apple have banned all the content that includes word ‘jailbreak’. That may have happened because the company still thinks that this procedure is illegal despite american laws clearly state that it is completely allowable. As you probably know the Apple’s license ceases its effect right after you jailbreak any of iDevices. So you have to restore to the stock firmware in case if you have any problems or questions concerning your gadget and need to bring it to Apple Store.

iTunes Has Banned the Jailbreak 1

As you can see from MuscleNerd’s iPhone screenshot, all the iTunes entries that contain term ‘jailbreak’ are beeped with tiny stars. Those have nothing in common with unauthorized changing of iOS firmware’s innards and installing Cydia. Those are just songs and ringtones that you can buy for a regular price of $1.29.

If that’s what we think and Apple put a restriction for using this word in their music program then it looks pretty ridiculous. Maybe the next move will be banning such words as ‘unlock’, ‘downgrade’, ‘hackers’ and so on and so on. That would be very interesting to watch. It occurs to be even more confusing regarding last iOS update. If Cupertino company want to fight piracy and hackers so much, why didn’t they close the vulnerabilities that allow the jailbreak. Guys from jb community didn’t even have to search for new exploits and ways to pass iOS 5.1.1 security as you could perform the jailbreak with the same tools that were designed fro iOS 5.1. Those are older versions of redsn0w and the last version of sn0wbreeze that wasn’t updated fol the last few months.

So what could it be? Is it just a coincidence or Apple is really so afraid of this ‘word that you can’t say’ that it was disallowed on iTunes. What are your thoughts about it? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below or in social networks. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow the latest news about Apple world, jailbreaking and unlocking news and more.