Is It Possible to Jailbreak iOS 9 with Taig or Pangu?

With the new mobile firmware update a lot of Apple users wonder about iOS 9 jailbreak update and well-known hacker’s teams speak about this important issue. Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 9? Are there any new vulnerabilities found by TaiG, Pangu or PP jailbreak groups? Can you untether your iOS 9 iPhone or iPad today?

As the document presented by Apple notes the company patched the iOS 9 vulnerability found by hackers and use for jailbreaking iOS 8 version. This means that iOS is not jailbreakable right now. The famous ‘fruit’ giant already credited both TaiG and Pangu for finding the security exploit in iOS 9 version. You can guess that this flaw is already patched.

The iPhone maker managed to kill the holes in the code and fixed the issues that could be used for jailbreaking iOS 9 today. It can take hackers a few weeks or even months to find the new solution and discover new vulnerabilities in the 2015 mobile firmware version. If this happens soon – we might be able to get the iOS 9 jailbreak this fall.

It could also happen that jailbreaking teams create a working tool in the end of September or early October. One developer [iH8sn0w] hs already proved that iOS 9 can be jailbroken. He demonstrated his solution on video but is not planning to make the program public. Could iH8sn0w share the exploit with Pangu, TaiG or PP Jailbreak? We don’t know but the jailbreaking community surely exchanges opinions and ideas and this might also happen.

Are you looking for the iOS 9 jailbreak availability or do you like all the features present in iOS 9 and don’t want to customize this system?