Larger iPhone 5 Screen Size Won't Bother Developers

If Apple decides to produce bigger iPhone 5 screen or smaller-size iPad, it won’t puzzle application developers who were able to attend to the recent WWDC. Developers do not believe that the changes will be so painful they will have to pay attention to it.
Research analyst at U.S. consulting firm Piper Jaffray Gene Munster asked a hundred San Francisco event attendees and developers. He asked them all the same question: how difficult it is to adapt their applications to increased or decreased iPhone screen size (whether it is a new generation of iPhone or iPad). The developers were asked to rate the complexity scale of updating their applications for new screen sizes. The average score was 3.4 of 10 – this proves that the problem is not as urgent as it might seem.

The fact that the developers are quite concerned about this issue (change of the screen resolution) gives us reason to suppose that the introduction of new permits do not impact negatively on the successful sales of iOS applications.
It is expected that the next generation smartphone from Apple will have increased screen size up to 4-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio. Useful screen area will increase at the same time retaining the ability to control your phone with only one hand.

It’s interesting to know how much do Apple’s product designers care about iOS developers. If they really intend to change the device’s screen size it still will mean a lot of redesigning work for iOS devs. Transfer to Retina display wasn’t painful, however the new screen can mean the completely new aspect ratio forcing apps manufacturers to rebuild them for the new dimensions.

Another interesting question – were those changes approved by Steve Jobs or those are completely new Tim Cook’s/Jony Ive’s ideas? There are rumors over the internet that Jobs has created list of upcoming devices for the next four years.

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