Learn All iOS 8.3 Beta Features

Let’s talk about the iOS 8.3 beta features that Apple developed for its iOS devices. Today, Cupertino company has just launched a pre-release beta of iOS 8. Apple has yet elucidate all changes there, but due to reports we know that the first beta came with support for wireless CarPlay, tweaks for emoji support, also with two-step verification for Google accounts and others. Let’s observe them in details.

Wireless CarPlay

The new beta brought the biggest change is a new CarPlay menu that can be found in the General category of the Settings application. Here Cupertino company introduces a diagram with instructions for using wireless CarPlay. Users can configure it by holding the voice control button on their steering wheel to start CarPlay setup. Although the iOS 8.3 update shows no indication as to what current CarPlay head units will offer wireless support.

New Emoji Picker

Also in the first beta of iOS 8.3 is a newly redesigned emoji keyboard. Emoji characters are sorted into neat lists. Upon accessing the keyboard, developers can see a new, semi-transparent background and a changed look and feel.

Two-Factor Verification

Privacy and security are two things of the Digital Age that will remain subject to constant research, and with the aim to ensure user defense against intrusion, iOS 8.3 brings two-step verification support for logging into Google accounts.

Other iOS 8.3 Beta Features

This iOS 8.3 beta brings initial support for Apple Pay for China UnionPay. Also this software carries forward huge amount of fixes to iCloud Drive and CloudKit in the bug fixes and performance department. Due to iOS 8.3 beta 1 early look, iCloud Photo Library is no longer in its beta version. This would infer that it’s ready for prime time, and that any lingering bugs will have largely been dealt with.