How to Manage Multiple Instragram Accounts iPhone Guide

Users who are still running earlier iOS 8 firmwares and haven’t upgraded to iOS 8.4.1 have more opportunities than those who have installed 8.4.1 mobile operating system on iPhone or iPad. This is the only iOS 8 version that cannot be jailbroken but if you have Cydia on your Home screen you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone.

Everything is very simple. iPhone multiple Instagram accounts are pretty common. It could be annoying to log out of your account in order to log into the other one. With the jailbreak tweak we’ll talk about below you don’t need to be tied to a single account because you can use our multiple Instagram accounts iPhone instruction and access several accounts at once without logging out of each of them.

Multiple Instagram Accounts iPhone 2015 Management Guide

Step 1. Download and install the tweak called igSpeedster. It is available on Cydia sources and supports multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone.

Step 2. Once the tweak is installed you are able to swipe up your Instagram icon on iPhone or long press on your profile button while being in Instragram in order to get the list of all available accounts you are able to switch to. Switching has never been this easy.

Step 3. The tweak also makes it possible to repost files uploaded by other users.

Step 4. You are able to open links in a caption in Safari browser which is impossible without this additional tool.

Step 5. When you wish to save a video from Instagram you can click-hold on it to get to the menu where you can choose Save Media option and get the file saved into iOS 8 Camera Roll on iPhone. Isn’t it cool?

Step 6. igSpeedster also shows information when exactly the image / video was posted to Instagram. To view this data you should click on the timestamp you’ll find above the file.

The tweak is available with a free trial mode that lasts for three days.